Greshen Lewis Photography - Sydney Maternity, Baby, Child and Family Photographer

An unforgettable baby photo or family portrait has to capture the vibrancy of the colours, the dynamics of light and shade, the ambient atmosphere, the meaningful elements of the environment. More than that, it has to capture the moods of the subjects, and their real beauty: Their thoughts, their actions, and the characteristics their friends and family love. In other words, a timeless baby photo or family portrait is about light, love and life.

To achieve this, I have to do a lot more than simply visualise how the image should look. I have to really get a feel for what's actually going on. I have to tap into the relationships, the emotion, the sentiments.

If you're in Sydney and you're looking for a Sydney baby photographer who can capture your baby's pure innocence, or a family portrait that tells the real story of love, please email me.