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This blog will be short and sweet for reasons you will see below. Pictures paint a thousand words, so without further ado…..

This 21st gig was held at a function room in Sydney. I took along my photo booth and set it up at the beginning of the night in the corner of the room. The goal was to provide an extra entertainment option for the guests – a way that people could enjoy themselves doing something silly, and for the client to take away an extra series of fun memories of their family and friends.

At first, the guest were reserved however once they got into the swing of it, there was no shortage of participants. As you can see from the photos, immense  fun was had by all, especially with the different props. They let their hair down, relaxed and really enjoyed making fools of themselves!

Rather than walking around the room, taking stagnant, boring photos of the guests at their tables and asking them to smile at the camera, the photo booth provided the perfect opportunity for them to entertain themselves and to show their true persona or their alter-egos.

Only recommended for occasions where guests want:

  • great entertainment
  • heaps of fun
  • lots of photos
  • quick personality/gear changes and
  • opportunities to be weird & wacky.

Other party booth themes could be in “kitsch”, or from the roaring twenties, rock and roll fifties, swinging sixties right through to the seventies, Hollywood/Bollywood styles or any other style that would complement your party’s theme.

If you are interested in adding super fun and enjoyment before and after speeches to your occasion (engagements, weddings, birthdays, in fact any occasion),

you can contact me here.

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