Love Is …

Love is in the air

Reilly & Aimee didn’t have to travel too far for this engagement shoot. I looked at Reilly’s parent’s property aka Baker Acres which had a lovely dam, a quaint little bridge and Reilly’s new mini. However, it had been raining for some weeks and the dam looked too murky.  So we collectively decided to forego the shoot there and think of somewhere else that was going to have Reilly’s car in the picture. Fortunately, I realised that Fagan Park was only up the road and could have the car drive up and park nearby. This however, had to be very early in the morning before lots of people started jogging, walking, etc. and I wanted the car in some of the pictures but we couldn’t get access through the gate as the side entrance for wedding cars was closed.

On this particular day we were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous morning. The sun was mild and the light was ever so soft. The birds and flowers greeted us with such cheer. Love was in the air. One of the things I like about Fagan Park is the different country style of gardens. Every garden there was alive with spring colour. The many types of ducks and water fowl just added to the serene beauty of the lake.

Aimee wanted both some candid shots and some posed. She bought along an array of clothes as she wanted the “fifties feel” look. One planned shot was of Reilly kissing her whilst she sat in the front passenger seat with her clutching a posy in her hands. Unfortunately since the car couldn’t be in the picture, Aimee stayed in the clothes she came in but Reilly did steal a kiss from her whilst she clutched the posy.

I enjoyed spending the time with you guys and allowing me to share your special moments.  Thank you for waking up so very early and making the pictures amazing.

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