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Beach Babe!

Whilst I was on the Gold Coast last week I had the opportunity to meet with Alisya, Paul and of course the most delightful Miss Ella for a family photo shoot. Alisya was over 8 months pregnant so it was an ideal time to take some shots of her belly.

I was staying in the heart of Surfers Paradise and Alisya, Paul and Ella lived nearby. I was happy to travel but I was on a tight schedule with my families’ reunion/80th. So I suggested having the pictures taken at the resort where I was staying. They were very obliging and we finally met after they overcame the  problems of finding the hotel, parking and of course finding me within the three towers of this resort with its multiple swimming holes (as they say in Queensland) and a security key entry to each of them.

We ended up finding each other on the ground floor at the Coles entry. Alisya wasn’t too hard to spot with a beautiful red rose in her hair, a lovely cream dress, looking radiant and ready to pop! Ella had a matching red bow in her strawberry blonde hair. Her curls are to die for. Paul has a mo’ which when Alisya questioned why he didn’t he shave this off for the photos his answer was “This is for Movember” which seemed to satisfy Alisya. Personally I think this look suits Paul.

As we went through the labyrinth to the swimming holes, Ella was ready for action. She didn’t disappoint. Her striking blue eyes and her mischievous look meant that I had to be on my toes for this photo session or should I say getting my lower half of my body wet.

Whilst Alisya was changing into her bikinis and sarong, Paul kept up with Ella. Ella loved the sand and the water play but as I watched them both, I noticed how trusting and secure Ella was with her Daddy. I can safely say that she is “Daddy’s Girl”!

As Alisya walked towards me I couldn’t help but say “OMGOSH! You look Hot! And you still have 4 weeks to go!” It was only then I was told its only one week really. Well there goes the pictures I had in mind of Alisya running along the sand with Ella as Beach Babes. Four weeks to go a possibility but a week? No way was I going to be the cause of the baby birthed on the sand. Just kidding, you guys. You guys are the best a photographer could ask for.

Alisya, Paul , Ella and baby ,  a Big Thank You as I had so much fun with you guys. I hope you enjoyed your BBQ after the session. Hope Ella slept well that night for you.

As the years go by when you look back and cherish the  moments captured in these photographs I’m sure that you will see what I saw – Your Love for each other and a bond as a growing family.

Daddy's Girl

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  • Alisya Glass

    These photos are beautiful. Can’t wait to see the rest. Thankyou so much for letting us be apart of your photography business and website.
    It was lovely meeting you and your husband.
    Lots of Love,

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