Haute Couture

Recently my daughter and I flew up to Brisbane to see a fashion showcase at the Queensland Art Museum. We had to get up at 4.00 am Sydney time to catch the flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Thankfully, Queensland doesn’t have daylight saving so we started to slow down and take it easy as soon as we arrived. Gaining an hour helped as this was the final showing which closed at 4.00pm for viewing.

When we finally arrived at South Bank, we parked the car and walked to the Art Gallery. The surrounds had changed so much since the last time I was there, parts looked unrecognisable. I was bought up in Brisbane and could recall going into town with my Mother to do all the shopping at Myer’s including having lunch at the cafeteria. This was called a “big day out”. Just where South Bank starts is where the train line used to stop so we had to get off and catch a 171 bus over the Victoria Bridge into the city. I also recalled some places around the area where I used to work.

South Bank itself also brings back memories. Brisbane hosted the World Expo in 1988 on the site, the year my first child was born. We frequently visited this place as we were living up the road in Kelvin Grove. Brisbane successfully transformed the site after the Expo into the beautiful South Bank which we also visited often. My son was a nipper at the surf club there. Not sure whether they still run that but that certainly gave him the taste for swimming.

So back to the Art Gallery after a pleasant and memorable walk. The queue for the showing was really long by Brisbane standards but since we live in Sydney this was nothing. Besides we didn’t care – the day was absolutely beautiful. We were very excited and I had taken my Nikon D3 with me with a small lens. This I thought wouldn’t look to conspicuous. All I had to do to gain entry was to pass the security guards and smile nicely to them.   Everyone is so happy and nice in Brisbane. I also turned my cameras strap inside so the camera name wouldn’t show.  As my daughter pointed out, it’s not like it is an iphone, “Your camera is huge!” Anyway, we got in and I didn’t see any signs of no photography allowed. I did look but not very hard.

These dresses, frocks, pant-suits etc were incredibly stunning. The work that had gone into them was remarkable. Some gowns would have been so heavy to wear, it would be impossible to sit or stand for too long. With all this beauty surrounding us, I and many others were overawed. At one point,  I saw a guy free-hand sketching the dresses and thought “he too must want to remember these beautiful pieces of art by sketching them”.  At that moment I realised as well I too would like to share these beautiful pieces to everyone who missed out. So I started to see if anyone was taking pictures and I saw a young girl with her iphone clicking away. I asked her if she was allowed to take photos and she said she wasn’t using a flash. That was my cue as I to didn’t have a flash but thought that I would put the D3 high ISO up and see if my baby does what all the reviews says it does. That is, in very low or dark light, it can take excellent images. I think I achieved this but I’ve talked myself into that.  What do you think?   Can you see the images and is the image free of noise?

Red Frills

Now if you were wondering why I didn’t put all the pictures up there’s a very good reason. The security guard requested that I shouldn’t take any photos as it could damage the material. He tried to see what camera I had but he could only see my daughter with her iphone. I did mentioned that I wouldn’t use a flash as I don’t have one on the body but realised that only professionals know that a pro-body camera doesn’t have a built in flash.  So there you have it. Enjoy.

Silver Wedding

BTW- No model release was required for these images as they are unrecognisable :-)

Hand painted on Silk

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