Slow down and make the moment last

The mixture of salt air and a warm sea breeze day had woken my thoughts right back to the days of sailing in and around Moreton Bay. Yesteryear, when there wasn’t a care in the world (or it seemed that way) when I was cruising the Bay. The luffing of the sails was an indication to steer away from the wind not to completely stop but slow the pace. Compare this to Friday racing on Sydney Harbour with plenty of small islands and ferries to dodge – an absolute buzz.

Today I wanted it to be just like cruising Moreton Bay – slow down and make the moment last. However, this was the last day with my family in Queensland so I had pick up the pace to get everything done instead of taking it easy.

I had eased back into Queensland lifestyle with no problems. Hey, by now, I didn’t want to go back to the manic but beautiful Sydney.

My heart though will always be in Queensland. I will miss the humidity NOT!! Afternoon thunderstorms YES!  Three seasons –Autumn, Spring and Summer. No Winter Yes!  Flies, mozzies, spiders, cane toads and cockroaches – I could live with these but Sydney traffic, congestion, parking meters – No way.

From the balcony of the apartment, I could see storm clouds building. The weather bureau forecasted rain and plenty of it. It didn’t bother me as I was leaving for Sydney where it has more rainfall than Melbourne! Then it dawned on me. I haven’t taken any pictures of my Mum and her two daughters (which was the whole reason why my family of five flew up to Queensland). It was her 80th birthday and we wanted to honour her by giving her a little holiday and to spend some time with her. Panic started to set in as the slow pace was now not an option. Had to apply Sydney mode: rush, rush, puff, puff, get out of my way, I’m in a hurry. I didn’t even have any pictures of my sister and myself.  All pictures that were taken were of the grandchildren and great grandchild with Mum, but not one of my older sister and me.

The night before we had made plans to meet and go and see Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I so wanted to do this but I wanted the pictures even more. Had to think quick as my sister and her family were staying in another unit only moments away by car. However, this is where the problems lies – time and my sister don’t really hit it off. As the saying goes “Time waits for no-one”. I knew I had to do something before it rained. I prayed. An option was that I could take the pictures inside the unit, but I had done that the night before. I wanted a different backdrop.  I decided to utilise the beautiful gardens and resort facilities provided for guests who are staying there. An ideal solution as it had shelter if required.

By this stage it was around midday and no photographers like to shoot in the midday sun especially in Queensland. Not a flattering look with everybody squinting or worse, harsh shadows on our faces. By now I was now praying for an overcast day. Then it started to drizzle and I  hoped that  it wouldn’t  pelt down. The rain eased to a gentle shower and gradually the clouds came over and the wind picked up. In the far corners of my mind I could clearly hear ‘head to wind it’s time to tack’. The place was now empty of people. Perfect for a portrait shoot! But will my sister be on time?

Steve and Glynis

Whilst I was waiting for my sister and her family to arrive i took the opportunity to take a picture of my mother with her grandson Christian (my son) who isn’t in the picture as I had to crop him out .These are his wishes and  I have to respect this.


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