The Twinnegar’s 21st

Sarah and Emma’s or Emma and Sarah’s 21st

After a week of rain we were blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day. Quiet humid but never the less, beautiful.

I arrived a little earlier at their home. I was greeted by one of the girls. Immediately I felt at ease with her beautiful warm smile. Short lived though as I had no idea who just welcomed my assistant and I in. I had to ask as to not embarrass myself any further. Was she Emma or Sarah? I am sure she had been asked this question many, many times before.  She chuckled whilst doing her hair “I am Sarah and Emma’s in her room.”

I started taking photographs whilst Sarah was curling her hair. At that stage I hadn’t met Emma so I had no idea what Emma was wearing or whether she was having her hair up or down. Secretly I thought if her hair is up – too easy but if it is down – not good for me remembering who’s who. How am I to tell the girls apart?


“Will Emma be having her up”? Sarah’s quickly responded, “Nope, Emma will be having her hair down and curled as well”.  Off course she would be having her hair curled, my inner voice piped. I felt myself take a deep breath. It was obvious that I hadn’t been around twins although in my family there are many identical and fraternal twins. Even my Grandfather was an identical twin. From the stories that I have been told that they liked to do everything the same whether together or apart.


Where’s their Mother? I thought as I was taking another deep breath. She could let me in on how to tell them apart. Lynne was putting together two albums of her girls. Trying to identify which picture should go into each album appeared a difficult task and Lynne was their Mother. So this was a perfect opportunity to ask her. “What is the best way of telling your girls apart”?

She said without hesitation “just say SEMMA and they both will respond”. She didn’t mention how they would respond but I found out later that they do not appreciate being called SEMMA…. Fortunately I didn’t need to call them by one name as Emma gracefully entered wearing a beautiful turquoise gown. Sarah shortly followed her wearing a light coloured floral gown.  I must add I was a very relieved photographer.

Lynne, Emma & Sarah

As the photographer, my job is to capture this chapter in their lives. As a bystander, I couldn’t help but wonder about their childhood past: cubby house secrets, giggles and friends, a single swing (who pushed who? how high did they go? Which one of them is more out going?).  Then the Netball hoop, did they take it in turns to be shooter or who scored more goals? So many stories could be gathered from their childhood, adolescent and now adulthood from their backyard. All these memories from their past but now I need to capture all in this moment of time. Beautiful memories of fun and laughter and perhaps tears could fill the frames in this shoot.

Emma and Sarah

As I look back on the day, one thing I’m certain of is that two beautiful and confident girls have emerged.

Well done and congratulations both of you on your 21st.

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