Greshen Lewis Photography - Sydney Wedding Photographer

My approach to your wedding is of a biographer or a photojournalist, documenting or chronicling your special day: the Bride and Groom's early preparations with their respective family and special friends; the set up, arrivals at and running of the ceremony; the special location shots with the planned as well as ad-hoc, candid moments; and finally the celebration of the reception where all of your family and friends raise their glasses to the new husband and wife. Your story of your day should be professionally recorded for posterity.

I attempt to capture and tap into the relationships, the emotions and the sentiments of everyone involved. To enable me to understand these, I make sure I spend some time with you before hand, gaining your trust and your confidence, listening to your desires and thoughts and understanding your style - getting to know you and understanding everything that you've planned for the day. I make sure I work with your other suppliers - your make-up and hair stylists, your chauffeur, your Pastor or Celebrant, your reception coordinator, etc.

To achieve this, I have to do a lot more than simply visualise how the image should look. I have to really get a feel for what's actually going on. I have to tap into the relationships, the emotion, the sentiments.

Once all the photos are taken, my job is then to process and enhance the images so that they can be presented into the story that you'll enjoy - and re-live - for years to come.

If you're in Sydney and you're looking for a Sydney wedding photographer who can capture the story of your day, please email me.